Emulation Design

Emulation Design

A practical guide for detailing precast concrete structures by emulating cast-in-place reinforced concrete design is available from the American Concrete Institute, ACI 550.1R-01 report. This helps engineers to detail precast concrete structures using mechanical rebar splices to achieve monolithic moment-resistant connections.

Splice Sleeve North America, Inc. (SSNA) provides Engineering Data Sheets (EDS) to give engineers various application ideas for NMB Splice-Sleeves. EDS are listed on the library of this site and available by contacting SSNA.


Code Reference

Building code requirements for mechanical reinforcing bar connection: ACI 318-08(IBC 2006), UBC-97 Type 1 & 2

Type 1=minimum 125% of specified yield point of rebar

Type 2= the specified tensile strength of the spliced rebar per ACI318-08

…or minimum 160% of specified yield point of rebar per ICBO UBC-97

Note: Type 2 must be specified if the splice is within the plastic hinge region of a joint in a moderate to high seismic region. Please see codes for definition of seismic regions where Type 2 is required.

NMB Splice-Sleeves are designed to use with ASTM Grade 60 bars.