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Historical Events

Late 1960 Original grout-filled splice sleeve was invented by Dr.Alfred A. Yee. Splice sleeves were first used in precast concrete column-tree connections for 38 story Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii.
1973 Splice Sleeves were introduced to Japan by Nisso Master Builders(NMB) and gained approval from Building Center of Japan (BCJ).
1975 First 8 story precast shearwall type housings permitted in Japan because of outstanding performance of NMB Splice-Sleeves.
1977 Splice Sleeve Japan, Ltd.(SSJL) was established to exclusively manufacture and sell NMB Splice-Sleeves.
Recognition from International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) No. 3029.
Approval from New Zealand Government.
1981 NMBs started dominating primary market of 5-story precast concrete housing projects under Housing and Urban Development Board (HUD) of Japan.
1982 Approval from Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE).
1987 NMB's first application to high-rise, 30 story residence tower, Shin Kawasaki
1988 Splice Sleeve North America, Inc.(SSNA) was established as a California corporation in Sacramento.
1989 NMBs were used at 37-story Ohkawabata high-rise residence ( moment-frame) in downtown Tokyo.
1991 NMBs were used at 30-story, 5000+ room MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.
1994 SSNA office moved to Los Angeles.
Richter Scale (RS)8.2 Earthquake on Island of Guam, all projects using NMB's had no damage.
1995 R.S 7.9 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, all projects(over 100 buildings) using NMB's had no damage, and saved the lives of many people. SSJL received commendation from the Senate of the State of Hawaii.
1998 SSNA moved to Ontario, California
Splice Sleeve (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore established.
1999 NMBs were used in precast columns in 39-story Paramount tower, San Francisco
2001 SSNA received PCI Associate Member Award
NMB Splice-Sleeve recognized as Type 2 coupler by ICBO ER-5645 and NER-217.
2002 NMB's used in precast columns in 56-story Shiodome H residential tower in Tokyo.
2005 SSNA moved to Irvine, California.
2007 NMB's used in high-strength precast concrete columns in 59-story Park City Musashi-Kosugi residential tower near Tokyo.
2011 SSNA moved to Livonia, Michigan.