NMB SPLICE-SLEEVES are installed and held firmly in place in the forms during concrete pouring by means of a Sleeve Setter featuring a fast acting cam operated locking device.

The NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE has an integral Rebar Stop in the mid portion which indicates the specified embedment of the rebar into the sleeve and an optional setscrew to hold the bar in the narrow end.

The uniform exterior dimension of the sleeve permits use of stirrups or hoops of the same size throughout the length of the sleeve.

NO special treatment such as threading of rebar ends is required.


NMB SPLICE-SLEEVES can connect bars of the same size or any size smaller than the sleeve size.

The NMB can be epoxy coated and used to connect epoxy coated bars without removing the coating.



During erection, precast concrete elements are set into position where dowel bars are projecting either from foundation or lower precast concrete elements. NMB SPLICE-SLEEVES embedded in the upper precast elements receive those dowel bars. The wide (field) ends of the sleeves are designed to provide tolerances of ± 5/16" (± 8mm) for #5 & 6 sleeves, and up to ±1/2" (± 12. 5mm) for the larger sleeves to accommodate bar misalignment. The precast elements are temporarily braced while the grout cures in the sleeves.



For PRE GROUT applications, the SS MORTAR grout is simply poured into the sleeve and consolidated before the next precast member is set in position.

For POST GROUT applications, the grout is pumped into the sleeve by means of a hand operated pump. With the Post Grout system, grouting operations can be performed anytime after bracing and do not interfere with erection progress.

For Horizontal applications, the sleeves are set before the cast-in place closure pour. The open end tolerance accommodates bar misalignment to facilitate installation. Grout is pumped by hand operated pump.

Economy of crane and erection crew time can be improved because: 

  • Any size bar can be spliced with equal ease and in the same amount of time
  • Any number of bars can be mated simultaneously.
  • Combinations of different sized bars can be readily spliced.

In total, NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE contributes to speed of construction.