The NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE is a mechanical coupler for splicing reinforcing bars which uses a cylindrical shaped steel sleeve filled with a Portland cement based non-shrink high early strength grout. Reinforcing bars to be spliced are inserted into the sleeve to meet approximately at the center of the sleeve. The interior of the sleeve is then filled with SS MORTAR grout.

The material properties of the NMB Splice-Sleeve iron castings conform to proprietary specification based on ASTM A536-84. The only acceptable grout is SS MortarĀ® that is certified by SSNA as meeting the requirements for use in the sleeves under ICC-ESR 3433. The NMB Splice-Sleeve System utilizes two basic grouting methods namely, the Post-Grout method and the Pre-Grout method.



The resulting splices will develop tensile and compressive strengths in excess of the specified minimum for ASTM A615 and A706, Grade 60 bars conforming to the latest ACI 318 Building Code Requirements. The NMB SPLICE-SLEEVE is a proven method for connecting precast reinforced concrete structural members. At the precast plant, the sleeves are embedded on one end of the precast element. The main reinforcing bars are inserted halfway into the sleeves with the bars protruding from the other end of the precast element. At the building site, the precast members are joined by inserting the protruding bars from the end of one precast member into the sleeves of the adjacent member. The sleeves are then grouted, in effect making the reinforcing bars continuous through the connection. This is called "Emulation" and the NMB is categorized as an emulative connection for precast systems. For more information, refer to Engineering Emulation Design page.